"What we've got here is failure to communicate."

Cool Hand Luke


To make sure the “failure to communicate” from the 1967 prison drama doesn’t arise, we are there for you – day and night, 24/7. We deliver tailormade ideas and compelling press texts and, if you like, we can pep up your social media or help you out with trade fairs and other events. And for absolute PR beginners, we also offer seminars. So, if you don’t yet know the difference between PR and marketing or have never heard the word “advertorial”, our workshops will definitely help you out.

Maintaining close dialogue really matters to us. We take care of your PR needs and are also there to assist in your work with the media.


We don’t use cookie-cutter texts. We write original copy tailored precisely and with full commitment to your topics.


Product launches, trade fairs, webinars: we are event experts, and we plan your events specifically to your needs and wishes.


PR is not advertising. Newbies to the world of PR and media can learn the basics for success at our (online) seminars.