“When people talk, listen completely. Most people never listen.”

Ernest Hemingway


You meet someone new, either socially or through work. You rummage through your toolkit of the most recently approved greetings (elbow bump, foot tap, a slight bow …) and introduce yourself. The other person tells you their name. You nod appreciatively and take a few steps toward one another intent on starting a conversation. But what was their name again?

Hand on heart – how often do we not actually listen properly? How often are our minds wandering off or already planning what we want to say while the other person is speaking? It’s not great – and it doesn’t get us very far. Good communication is based on listening. Especially in PR, we have to give those speaking to us our full attention if we want to provide them with the best possible support and assistance. And that’s exactly what you get from us. We advise, brainstorm, write and come up with ideas without ever losing sight of what it is you really need and want.

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